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G.E. Refrigerator
Model TFG27PFX (27 Cu.ft.)
Our Price 149,000 Baht

G.E. Washer
Model WISQ416DT7 (10 KGS.)
Our Price 36,000 Baht
Model WWA8852R (9 KGS.)
Our Price 28,000 Baht
Model WWA8892R (9 KGS.)
Our Price 29,000 Baht
Model WWA9892R (9 KGS.)
Our Price 30,000 Baht

G.E. Dryer
Model DISR493DT3WW (10 KGS.)
Our Price 29,000 Bath

G.E. Dishwasher
Model GSH6000W (6 Programs)
Our Price 34,000 Baht

Maytag Refrigerator
Model 21BTN3 (21 Cu.ft.)
Our Price 68,000 Baht

Maytag Washer
Model LAT 9806 (10 KGS.)
Our Price 36,000 Baht
Model LAT 9606 (10 KGS.)
Our Price 35,000 Baht
Model LAT 5006 (8.5 KGS.)
Our Price 29,000 Baht

Maytag Dryer
Model LDE 9806 (10 KGS.)
Our Price 30,000 Baht
Model LDE 8426 (10 KGS.)
Our Price 29,000 Baht

Whirlpool Refrigerator
Model 29 DQXD (29 Cu.ft.)
Our Price 109,000 Baht

Whirlpool Washer
Model 3LSC8255DQ (8.5 KGS.)
Our Price 25,000 Baht

    Reverse osmosis water purification

Water Filter Reverse Osmosis
Our Price 17,000 Baht

Provide safe, pure water using Under the sink Reverse Osmosis.They are capable of removing over 90% of total dissolved solids, +99% of all organics and +99% of all bacteria.


Zurn Faucet
Our Pirce 12,000 Baht

It's out with the old and in with the new! Zurn AquaSense "A" RetroFlo Faucets provide on demand-automatic sensor-operation with battery power. RetroFlo is designed for both remodel/retrofit installations as well as new construction. RetroFlo allows for upgrading of existing handle faucet lavatories to automatic sensor without the need of electrical wiring.
This Upgrade provides for better water conservation, higher levels of sanitation, ADA legislation compliance and user friendly operation. Zurn RetroFlo Faucets incorporate an infrared convergence proximity sensor mounted in a chrome-plated cast brass spout. Below the sink, RetroFlo is powered with four "AA" batteries housed in a vandal-resistant water-proof case. Electronics and solenoid are designed for extended battery life.



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